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February 2009
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Isis in Hospital
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Posted by: Andy @ 9:55 pm

isis in hospital

This morning I took my cat Isis to an veterinary hospital in Anderson to have her back worked on.

The first thing they did was do some X-rays, which were recorded digitally. They were interesting pictures of my cat as a skeleton, but the veterinarian could find nothing wrong based on them.

The next step was to do a myelogram, where under anesthesia a die is injected into the spinal fluid and images are taken of the resulting flow. Now, something was found in the vertebra that is causing Isis trouble; so the vet gave her a steroid shot and let her rest off the anesthesia.

lost meds

I took the bottle of meds that Isis is taking to show the hospital folks. I did not realize that the bottle was not leak-proof until I looked in the bag it was in and found most of the meds in the bag and not in the bottle! I had to go to the local vet later for a refill.

while the cat’s away …

While Isis was in hospital, I vacuumed the carpeted rooms. I tried to wash the other floors, but the mop chose today to fall apart. But the cat now had a clean and neat place to come home to. I had my weekly hot-cheese burger and fries from the local grill.

eye exam

Later that afternoon, I went to Muncie for my eye examination. The eye doctors moved to a new building outside the city, near the Petsmart store. The place looks more spacious, and I was told that people are not running into each other now, as they were at the old office near the Ball State campus. But the exam rooms are normal-sized rather than elongated, which is not a good thing, because proper eye measurement requires distance. So they have to use a series of mirrors to simulate distance.

starry, starry night

Anyway, my eyes are okay this year, and my glasses needed only readjustment of the frames. The last test, for diabetic damage, required dilating my pupils. I ended up driving home, to the local vet’s, and to the hospital in Anderson in a fog of glittering lights, which makes driving a bit of a freakout. But I had to return to the hospital, pick up Isis, pay the bill (which I will not discuss), and bring her home.

clement day

It was a lovely day to do all this. The sun was out most of the time. The temperature was daring to break 60°F (15°C). And the wind was brisk but pleasant. It will not stay that way: The rest of the week promises rain, more rain, and a wind that will probably blow most of the loose branches out of the maple tree. Let’s hope that wind does just that and leave the shingles on my roof alone.

macs unbound

It is typical that, while I am gone from work, something happens that requires my attention. This time it is some of the iMacs, which have lost their connection to the network, without which students cannot log on. This is what happens when you try to run Macs on a Microsoft network. The Active Directory (AD) server that holds the workstation lists recycles its accounts every so often. When that happens, the PCs adjust automatically; the Macs cannot, because their AD utility is not totally compatible with AD. So I have to go to each Mac, one at a time, and rebind them to AD. What other solutions are out there involve using the root account, which is never a good idea on a public workstation.

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