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October 2010
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A Cold but Pleasant Fall 2010
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Posted by: Andy @ 10:15 pm

the fun of fall

I have raked up eight lawn bags full of leaves on Saturday morning. I added another two bags on Sunday afternoon. And there is plenty more leaves on the big maple tree, as well as the two trees just over the fence next door.

I used the bags because my town council has not yet announced the deployment of the town leaf-vacuuming truck. Until it does, I will not rake my leaves out on the street.

After the cold front and its rain came through, sure enough, the yard is covered with leaves again.

more sugru

Last week I have refilled the hollows in the soles of my SAS shoes with sugru. It appears that sugru is good for a month or so of wear before I need to replace it.

Or so I thought. The next application of sugru did not stick well to the sole of my shoes, and peeled off too easily. Okay, this may well not work out. On the other hand, it costs about $170 for a new pair of SAS Time Out shoes, while sugru costs $9/pack of six five-gram sachets.

retired nabiki

I have hooked up Nabiki, my backup computer, to the local network to update its software. It would not proceed past the bootstrap screen. It would just shut down. At this point, I concede that the problem is not Windows but the motherboard itself. It is time to replace it; and I am thinking a Mini-ITX format board. In the meantime, I have stored Nabiki in my closet.

retired blog

I am also thinking of retiring my current blog (, based on the SiteBlog software on Hostway. I am not satisfied with it. I plan to go with WordPress after I figure out its pricing structure: While the basic blog is free, I will want to purchases its annual domain mapping, and map my newly-resubscribed domain name to it.


This past weekend was more or less a weekend with Daria. I have been working through the first three seasons and into the fourth of Daria, the popular MTV animated series from the late 1990’s into January 2002. I only caught some of the fourth and fifth seasons as well as the two movies; and I was glad when the whole series came out on DVD, because I loved the series.

I was also surprised that the series came out, because all that contemporary music used as background kept the series from DVD release for the longest time. The producers decided to just give it up, and pulled most of the original music out in favor of background music just for the series. It is just as well: The music of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s would have dated the series over time.

The series is about Daria, a sardonic teenage girl who refuses to see the world as others see it and refuses to put up with its follies. Unfortunately for her, because almost everyone else — her family, her teachers, most of the other students — needs to see the world thus in order to cope with it, Daria either is shunned as a brain or has her behavior misinterpreted as depression or lack of self-esteem. And that suits her fine (usually).

You would think such a girl would find it hard to find anyone who is like her or who likes her. Guess what? And in the one moment of good luck I’ve had in my entire life, I met another outcast who I could really be friends with and not have to feel completely alone. That outcast is an equally acerbic artist named Jane Lane. And the two are inseparable, no matter what tries to separate them.

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