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February 2009
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Warm Weather At Last
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Posted by: Andy @ 11:43 pm

After a week of bitter cold, the coming of warm winds made the weather more bearable. I could walk about today with only my favorite navy blue jacket. The winds also started to melt the thick blanket from last month’s Wednesday of Heavy Snowfall, and the ice that has made the county roads a ditch-filling vehicle threat. Now I can actually make it to work at a decent time.

I got a summons to jury duty for the ninth. But I called the county courthouse on Friday, only to hear the recorded message that the trial for which I would have been called to serve in its jury has been canceled.

Now that the problem with Isis’ back has been referred to that animal hospital in Anderson, I will have to call them Monday to set up an appointment. I have been reading good things about the hospital on the Web; too bad I cannot read the hospital’s Web site itself, at least with Firefox. I don’t know whom the hospital commissioned to design its Web site, but the designer is an a◊◊hat.

The General Assembly (the legislature of my state) is making threatening noises about library consolidation with Senate Bill 348. It is possible that it, along with other local-government-globbing bills that the governor loves so much, might not make it past the Democrats in the lower chamber. The Democrats do not see the need for such consolidation since they had already capped property taxes.

I bought two more of those beechwood book shelves. One is serving as a bedside table, since I do read a lot before going to sleep. The other gets a pile of books off the floor in the upper room. When I learned that the bookshelves were delivered one night, I could not find them at first. The usual places the UPS guy puts packages had nothing there. The snow was thick, so he could not put the two boxes of bookshelves anywhere else, I though. But then I circled the house (hard enough with the thick snow) and found the boxes in a corner where the foyer meets the house, out of view of the intersection and in the shadows where even I had trouble noticing them.

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