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Mid-October 2009
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Posted by: Andy @ 11:55 am

I took Friday afternoon off to be at home when the furnace guy from Kennedy’s in Marion came over to examine my furnace. I am told it is okay for the winter, but I should have it cleaned afterwards. I learned two things:

  1. When they installed the furnace the year before I bought the house, Kennedy’s had to get a small, skinny fellow and wet him down, so that he could get into the crawlspace. And even then, it was tough going.
  2. I can use a furnace filter other than that cheap piece of plastic that came with the furnace. I bought a 1″ × 16″ × 20″ allergin filter as a replacement. I know it is a throwaway, but I do not care: I care that it cleans the air better than that square plastic crap; and I care that my nose will not run, and my cat will not sneeze, as often.

The crisp weather is making the leaves turn faster, but they are still not turning all at once, and they are not as bright as they were in past years. I have started my fall raking this past weekend.

I have learned also this past weekend that I cannot run the microwave and the new deep fryer at the same time on the same electrical circuit. They together trip that circuit’s breaker switch.

It is evident that some films by Studio Ghibli are not as good as others, and that The Yamadas is more of a soap-sud serial (without the soap commericals) than the studio’s other films. After a half-hour of that, I went back to recording books into LibraryThing and playing Bioshock.

I spent Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning recording my books into my LibraryThing account. They are now all in: over seven hundred books, most bought in the past couple of decades. Next comes the job of thinking up a system of tagging and using it on all those books.

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