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Late Summer Vacation 2009, Part the Last
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Posted by: Andy @ 10:59 pm

hot hot hot

The weekend was the hottest of the whole summer so far. It would have been truely miserable if not for the constant strong wind.


I mowed the lawn early this afternoon.

Then I started work on the rewiring project. I worked mostly on the living room outlet. I discovered, after chipping away first the wainscoting and then the plaster, that someone fiendishly drilled the cable hole next to a stud! Fortunately I had enough room for a wood drill bit with extension, but the wood was very tough. I sealed the outlet and called it a night.


I got more done. I unscrewed the ends of a prepared flex conduit segment and put them on the conduit behind the chimney. Then I finished the hole in the living room and inserted a conduit segment for the cables to go to the outlet. At the end of the day I finished a segment of conduit from the living room outlet to the T box on the other side of the chimney.

I also installed the outlet to the upper room. It was easier this time because I had a stud finder and the plaster was soft enough to cut with an Exacto knife.

Meanwhile, it was the birthday dinner for my sister the editor, and she asked for orange cake with chocolate icing. Later, my sister the teacher dropped off a big, sturdy table on which to put my air conditioner, so that I would be able to install a condensation tube to let the device drain outside. It works. Now I do not have to empty the condensation reservoir every couple of hours or so. Now at least two of the irises outside will get water, since the tube drains out on top of them.

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