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Late Summer Vacation 2009, Part II
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Posted by: Andy @ 11:55 am


Basically it was another visit to Lowe’s to buy some test parts, especially a 10′ section of rigid conduit. I tried to push it through around the chimney at either end. I could not get it through. It looks like the flexible test conduit will stay to be part of the final cable conduit system.

I also found that the plaster behind the wainscot, where the cables come through, is a lot tougher than I thought. I will need power tools (besides a drill) to cut through it.

It has been a pleasant day today. I had lunch at Pizza Hut in Gas City before going to Lowe’s to get the conduit and other assorted parts.

My sister tried to reach me by telephone but could not. Evidently nobody can telephone me for as long as my local network is active. The filters are not working. I will have to talk to Mike Fitzgerald, the technician at the local telephone company, about this. I need to speak to him anyway about my cabling project.

Meanwhile, there is the voice mail feature on my cell phone service to deal with. I simply cannot get it to work. A voice mail service should be set up, so that when I dial it I should get its features, not be asked to leave a message on my own voice mail! I have had enough of it. I will ask to have it turned off.


Today I took a day trip to Purdue. The details are on this page.


Today I left a birthday card in the mailbox of my sister the editor, because it is her birthday. Then I mailed some address labels for the Whoosier Network, whose meeting tonight I would not attend because of my own work on the rewiring project.

About the project, I drove to Fry’s Electronics in Fishers to buy cabling (telephone, CAT5 network, TV coaxial), connectors and tools. Then I went to Lowe’s to buy the remaining conduit components, including a couple more lengths of conduit and a flexible conduit connector for its ends to put on the Carflex tube around the back of the chimney.

Before that, I went to Ball State to get my new parking sticker for the upcoming year. I figured that it would be in by now. I am now legal parking-wise for the year with my trapezoidal sticker on my windshield. I went to library also in order to turn on the last of five books, that I checked out for my sister the teacher; they were due tomorrow. At the library I found that the new carpeting in the Reference area was completely laid down, although work was still going on returning the workstations and printers to their former places. Now they are laying the carpet in the Periodical/Reserve section on the other side of the floor.

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