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Late Summer Vacation 2009, Part I
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Posted by: Andy @ 8:45 pm


The day started with yardwork: Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds out of the sidewalk and around the spigot — and realizing that the weeds in the driveway cannot be pulled by hand tools, not without serious labor.

While I was working in the driveway a woman walked down the street and asked me how I liked the house. It turned out she was a relative of Josh Hill. Hill owned the house from the mid-1990’s to about 2005, and was the one who built the basketball court that I use as a driveway. The woman told me that Hill also laid the drainage pipes that has keep the house from being flooded after every heavy rain. Evidently Hill was in our armed forces in Afghanistan, and was killed there. I wasn’t told when, but I can assume that Wells Fargo got the house upon his death. I was told by others that the house itself was not well kept, which was why it was remodelled before it was sold to Mr. Blackburn.

Later I visited the vet’s to make an appointment tomorrow afternoon for Thyme, after which I went to Lowe’s to research the parts I need for the wiring conduit system. One of the guys was helpful in choosing the appropriate parts for the work, but in the end I just bought a book that explains how to assemble the conduit and wiring.

I have compiled a new project page on the cable conduit, including a diagram of the side of the house where the conduit will go and a list of prices for the items I will need.


First, an off-topic opinion brought on by butchery between teens from Muncie and Anderson at an under-21 club and by attempts of parents to keep their kids from talking to the police: Muncie may be a nice place to work and to shop; but it has never been, nor is it now, a good place to live. Nobody with any sense and with any means to live elsewhere wants to live in Muncie. Muncio estas urbo plena plejmulte de sudusonaj kanajloj de kaj blankula kaj nigrula rasoj, de kaj proletoj kaj komercistoj, kiuj estas subaĉeteblaj kaj diskutemaj kaj sen ia ajn civita virto. Muncio estas pezegaĵo sur Ball Ŝtata Universitato, kiu (malkiel ĝiaj fakultato kaj stabo) ne povas transloĝigi sin ie alie. Ankaŭ, la malaperado de okupoj fabrikejaj dum la pasinta kvaron-jarcento malbonigas la civilan vivon de Muncio; kaj ĉar la plibonaj oficoj bezonas scion kaj lerton, kiujn la ordinara munciano ne havas; kaj ĉar en Ball Ŝtata Universitato neniel estas sufiĉaj oficoj senlertaj por dungi ĉiujn muncianojn.

It is a wet day today. When it is not raining, the air is warm and wet. And even though there is a strong breeze, it is not comfortable outside. And this afternoon I looked at a weather radar map to see a counterclockwise triskelion of strong storms, whose center is south of Indianapolis, and an arm of which is near where I live. That arm passed Fairmount around two, with the biggest goosedrowner that we have had this year.

I had no trouble catching Thyme and putting her in the carrier to take her to the vet. I was prepared to act quickly. And my experience with Thyme in times of great stress prepared me for the stench she gave off during her first visit to the vet in years.

Unlike her late sister Isis, who was more or less behaved during examination, Thyme struggled to get away while being weighed (at six pounds/2¾ kilos, she was a little heavier than I thought), being examined, being given her shot and worm medicine, and having her claws clipped. And every so often she would let loose a turd. From the reaction of the vet staff, I gather this is a common happening with cats. Anyway, Thyme is okay apart from some tartar on her molars.

The odd thing is that after we got home, Thyme settled down almost at once. I had expected her to go into hiding for at least a day, like the last time I medicated her.

I had wanted to reward myself with a trip to Pizza Hut for being stunk out. But I then remembered that I had a Friends of the Library meeting this evening. This lasted an hour, and its main topic was a farmer’s market a week from this Saturday in the old library yard.

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