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September 2008
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Start of Fall 2008
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Museum Days, my town’s festival, is coming this weekend.

I expect to eat the customary elephant ear (large crepe deep-fried and topped with butter, sugar and cinnamon) and Saturday breakfast at the Methodist church. I will also spend Saturday afternoon at the book sale tent for the Friends of the library. There will be a parade, but I will be at the book sale when it passes by the museum, which is across the street from my folks’ house.


I already have taken a vacation this Friday so that I can get my Saturday chores out of the way. Part of it will be to visit my doctor, for which I had the original appointment date moved from last Friday. I have had trouble keeping my weight and my sugar down to acceptable levels. The problem is the choice of food I have available. I do not have time to fix a sack lunch in the morning. The vending machines on campus sell salties or corn-fructosies. The food at the Atrium and the Village is of the fatty or fried variety. And the campus seems to follow the traditional dietician idea of healthy food, in which healthy really means barely edible.

Not helping my diet, I suppose, is the reopening of the Giant Bar And Grill near my folks’ house. At least the new owners are skimpy on the fries, so that helps the waistline, I suppose.

At least the lawn is keeping me exercised, now that it is getting enough rain to get the grass growing again. And the trees are starting their seasonal leaf shedding. The goldenrods have burst into golden flower and are now wilting as fall officially gets underway.


The print server at work is working as intended. Some of the public workstations, however, do not seem to realize that, because students cannot send double-side print jobs from some of them. That will be fixed, even if that means another round of reimagings.

I have found that it is possible to deploy the latest foundation software (as opposed to old but stable versions) under EPrints for Windows, our repository software. The experiment is not quite ready for production until the issue of warning-spews out of the epadmin command can be fixed.

After all the work I have put into the library Macs, I think it is time for me to get certification from Apple. I got a lot to brush up on, so I ordered three Mac OS X books from O’Reilly Media this week. If I can apply what I have learned to what I read from those books, I could win myself certification as a support provider in the next month or two.

The one thing I want to learn from those books is how to keep the Macs from unbinding to the campus Active Directory, which the newly imaged Macs seem to do every week or so. I tried a trick using the dsconfigad command, but it only lengthens the time between unbindings rather than removing them entirely.

spectacle ignored

I have been steadfastly ignoring the election news. I already know whom I am going to elect. I am getting tired of the financial news as well. I have no sympathy for all those banks and mortgage companies. They have been preying on the poor and the stupid for years — there has been predatory lending since the late 1990’s, to which the banks have turned a blind eye. And although I may well suffer, it will be well worth it if Congress balks at El Dubya’s and Cheney’s latest lollie to his business buds.


My high school class will have its thirieth reunion in late October. Unlike the last reunion, it was well planned in advance so that it will be neither far away nor at the same time as Museum Days. It will be interesting to see what a generation will have done to my classmates. I have already seen some of them over the past several years. Time has been cruel to most of them, as it has not been kind to me.

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